Delivering Excellence Since 1970


  • Flatbed Transportation anywhere in the lower 48
  • Maxi Flatbed hauling in Utah
  • Bulk hauling in Utah
  • 15 trucks and many various trailer configurations

Flatbed Hauling

We have 9 trucks and 9 48’x102’’ flatbed trailers. Each truck and trailer are equipped with straps, tarps, dunnage, v-boards, chains and binders. We can haul just about anything on our flatbed trucks.

Maxi Flatbed Hauling

We have 4 trucks and trailers with pups. The trailer configuration is a 45ft main trailer and a 24ft pup with a weight capacity of 36 ton. Maxi flatbed only offered in Utah.

Bulk Hauling

We have 3 sets of double belly dump trailers with 40-ton capacity. We also have pneumatic trailers. 1 double set with a 42-ton capacity and 1 big single with a 32-ton capacity.

Our belly dump and pneumatic trailer services are only offered in Utah.